The first time I saw I custom disc on the course I was hooked. Having custom discs in your bag is a great way to show your personality and differentiate yourself from other golfers. I immediately tried to learn how to dye discs. I tried the Youtube first and found some basic videos but I wanted to know more. I found some old forums on and I read everything I could find about the subject. A common trend I noticed while reading was that Disc Dyers don't like sharing their knowledge when they create a new style of design. I believe that techniques and tools should be shared so that more innovation can happen. I love seeing other peoples creativity and letting them have access to all the techniques is the best way to let that show. I have created this site to be the headquarters for Dyed Discs. 

I want to encourage people of this this site to share Ideas, Art, Techniques, and Love of the Sport.


Tanner LaBelle

Dyed Discs founder