Tanner and Nick first met each other at Down River Disc Golf Course in Spokane Washington. From the first round together they knew that each of them had a true love for the game. As their friendship grew through the game of disc golf they decided they wanted to turn their common passion into more than just a hobby. September 10th, 2017 they created a shared Instagram account to start making content. 

Tanner had already made a name for himself in the disc dyeing world with his custom dyes and willingness to share his knowledge with his followers. He wanted to gain a larger audience but he couldn't do it alone. After talking for a few weeks the two settled on the name Utility Disc Golf for their brand. The word "Utility" because it is a common word used disc golf (utility disc). And with its standard definition of being useful and beneficial, it seemed to fit the mission of the brand Tanner and Nick envisioned.

Nick is the front man for Utility Disc Golf. His iconic mustache and boyish charm are hard to forget. His passion for disc golf really shines when he's on camera. Tanner is the behind the scenes man. From video editing, photo-shopping, directing, filming, drone pilot... Tanner does it all. 

As of now the goal of Utility Disc Golf is to provide the highest quality disc golf content on Youtube. And to give insight to new and current players on all aspects of the game we all love.

Stay Fly

And Grow The Sport!