Discmania's Missing Link

Discmania’s newest disc is the Evolution Link. The Evolution Line of discs are manufactured by Latitude 64 and are distributed by Discmania. Since the Evolution line is made by Latitude 64, the plastic types are similar to the plastics from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs.



Link Exo Hard.png

Exo Hard

Exo Hard is the stiffer base plastic offered in the Evolution line. It is stiff and grippy. Exo Hard is most similar to X-Line plastic from the Original Series of discs from Discmania. If you’re using a D-Line putter right now then the Exo Hard is going to have a similar feel, texture wise, but the Exo Hard Plastic is more stiff.

Exo Soft

Exo Soft is a flexible, grippy plastic. It feels about as stiff as D-Line plastic but with more grip. The Exo Soft feels most like Eraser blend plastic from Gateway Discs. Since it is a softer plastic it will beat in quicker than Exo Hard.

Link exo soft_.jpg


The Link is the 3rd beaded putter that they’ve released. The Link fills the neutral/stable spot in the beaded putter line up. The P1x being the understable putter and the P3x being the overstable putter.

P1x - Understable

Link - Stable/Neutral

P3x - Overstable

The Link has a shallow feel in the hand. When compared to a P2 or P1x it is much shallower. The flight plate is very flat. The P2 and P1x flight plate continue to get deeper as you go from the inner rim towards the center of the disc. The Link is very close to the same depth as the inner rim form the rim to the center of the disc. I’d compare it to a Judge in terms of depth.


P1x Side Profile.png


Link Exo soft Side Profile.png


P2 Side Profile.png


The Link has the same flight numbers as the popular P2. Don’t let the numbers fool you. The Link doesn’t have as much glide as the P2.

Estimated Flight Numbers

2 | 2 | 0 | 1

Link Flight Numbers

2 | 3 | 0 | 1

If you’ve thrown other Discmania putters then I would compare the feel and flight most similar to the P3x but with less fade. The Link does fly relatively straight when thrown on a flat release. Instead of gliding to the target, it seems like the discs falls to it’s target.


Since the Link has less glide, it makes it great for approaches. You can confidently know where the disc is going to land because the air won’t hold the disc above the ground like it would with a disc with more glide. The Exo Soft plastic has sticking power when hitting the ground. The soft, pliable plastic really likes to stop very close to where it hits the ground.


LINK vs P1

LINK vs P1x

LINK vs P2

LINK vs P3x


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