How it all started

Utility Disc Golf started out as a way to have more fun playing disc golf then just playing. Tanner LaBelle (Owner) and Nick Vanderlinda started by creating fun and entertaining content on Instagram, Facebook, and soon Youtube. The first few videos on Youtube were disc reviews of newly released discs. The P3x, FD3 DoomBird, and MD4 Cresent Falcon. After uploading just two videos on Youtube, Tanner and Nick were flooded with requests from companies to review their products.

Well done, exactly what I want to see from a single disc review.
— Toade21 Youtube-DoomBird Review

After making videos for some of the biggest names in the sport, Tanner decided to create an online store so that his followers/subscribers could a one stop spot for all their disc golf needs.

aaron utility tshirt.jpg

Behind the name

People often ask how we came up with the name Utility Disc Golf. We wanted a name that was familiar to disc golfers but we also wanted it to represent what our mission is. Utility simply means - to be useful or beneficial.

That’s exactly what we want to be for Disc Golf.

Everyone has a Utility Disc in their bag for when they can’t find an answer on the course and we want to be your answer off the course.


our goal

  • To provided quality, informative, and entertaining content

  • Staying stocked up with the best Disc Golf Products

  • Answer any questions you have about the sport